My latest motions to the Scottish Parliament:

Motion S5M-06152: Mary Fee, West Scotland, Scottish Labour, Date Lodged: 16/06/2017

That the Parliament commends the work of the Renfrewshire-based charity, Brightest Star, which supports bereaved families; notes that Brightest Star was founded by Arlene Clark in memory of her son, Jack Kennedy, who passed away suddenly aged six on 19 December 2012; recognises that the charity has been successful in meeting its founding aim of supporting families that have experienced child bereavement, and that it has supported over 500 families since its foundation; congratulates it on raising over £700,000, with thousands of people participating in annual fundraising events as part of Jack’s Army at the Kilt Walk, The Great Scottish Run and Tough Mudder, in addition to a variety of other community-based fundraising efforts; recognises the work of the Our Missing Peace campaign, which is aiming to break the silence surrounding child loss while supporting family members who have been affected by the death of a child, whether miscarriage, still birth, neonatal, accidental, teenager or an adult; commends the work of Nicole Bowles, who established the Our Missing Peace campaign after her four-month-old son, Ben, suddenly passed away on 13 November 2012; notes that the campaign has created a love heart-shaped badge with a missing jigsaw piece as a symbol that an individual is dealing with the loss of a child, while promoting the term Vilomah, which means “against the natural order”, as a title for parents who have suffered child bereavement, and congratulates the Our Missing Peace campaign on raising over £2,500 since its establishment.

Supported by: James Dornan, Bill Kidd, Anas Sarwar, Kenneth Gibson, David Torrance, Clare Haughey, Richard Lyle, Monica Lennon, Jeremy Balfour, Margaret Mitchell, Fulton MacGregor, Alex Cole-Hamilton, Stewart Stevenson, Rona Mackay, Neil Bibby, Neil Findlay, Ash Denham, Iain Gray, Ruth Maguire, Alex Rowley, Gail Ross, Elaine Smith, Gordon Lindhurst, Sandra White, Brian Whittle, Ben Macpherson, Colin Beattie, Ivan McKee, Jackie Baillie, Stuart McMillan, Daniel Johnson, Rhoda Grant, Kezia Dugdale, Gillian Martin, Alex Neil, Johann Lamont, Joan McAlpine, Claire Baker, Liam Kerr, Ruth Davidson, Annie Wells, Edward Mountain, Rachael Hamilton, Finlay Carson, Alison Harris, Mairi Evans, Gordon MacDonald, Claudia Beamish, Donald Cameron, Clare Adamson, Alexander Burnett

Motion S5M-05970: Mary Fee, West Scotland, Scottish Labour, Date Lodged: 02/06/2017

That the Parliament considers that there is a continuing existence of homophobia in Scottish sport; regrets that research by Stonewall Scotland states that 60% of sports fans had witnessed homophobic behaviour in the last five years, which is 9% higher than the rest of the UK; believes that it is important for sports personalities, coaches and sports clubs in the West Scotland region and across the country to challenge and oppose homophobia in all its forms to show that it has no place in Scottish sport; understands that there is a particular problem with homophobia in football, which is highlighted by the fact that there are no openly-gay, male professional footballers in the UK; commends the work of the Equality Network and its LGBT Sports Charter, which aims to set out the principles to make Scottish sport more inclusive, and welcomes the commitment of the SFA and sportscotland to tackle homophobia and LGBT discrimination in sport.

Supported by: Rona Mackay, Liam McArthur, Ash Denham, Jamie Greene, Ruth Maguire, Patrick Harvie, Liam Kerr, Emma Harper, Ben Macpherson, Monica Lennon, Fulton MacGregor, Alex Cole-Hamilton, David Torrance, Tom Arthur, Pauline McNeill, John Finnie, Stuart McMillan, Alison Johnstone, Clare Adamson, Neil Findlay, Ivan McKee, Maree Todd, Neil Bibby, Jackson Carlaw, Colin Smyth, Jackie Baillie

Motion S5M-05583: Mary Fee, West Scotland, Scottish Labour, Date Lodged: 12/05/2017

That the Parliament recognises that 17 May 2017 marks the 13th International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia; understands that this worldwide celebration of sexual and gender diversity is celebrated in more than 130 countries, including 37 where same-sex acts are illegal; notes that the awareness day falls on this date each year as it was on 17 May 1990 that the World Health Organization declassified homosexuality as a mental disorder; regrets that, in at least 81 countries, same-sex relationships remain criminalised, with the death penalty being applicable in 10; believes that this means that up to 40% of the world population live in countries were not everyone is free to be open about who they love; considers that there is still much work to be done in Scotland to tackle and ultimately eradicate discrimination against LGBTI people; understands that, in the last year, there with 1,050 incidences of anti-LGBTI hate crime charges being brought, and recognises the vital importance of the Human Rights Act 1998 in protecting the rights for LGBTI people, including through the introduction of an equal age of consent, legal gender recognition for trans people and giving same-sex couples equal tenancy rights.

Supported by: Patrick Harvie, Ruth Maguire, Gillian Martin, Ben Macpherson, Jackie Baillie, Rona Mackay, Colin Beattie, David Torrance, Alison Johnstone, Iain Gray, Stuart McMillan, Ash Denham, Fulton MacGregor, John Finnie, Alex Cole-Hamilton, Monica Lennon, Neil Findlay, Clare Adamson, Ivan McKee, Andy Wightman, Bill Kidd, Liam Kerr, Richard Lyle, Maree Todd, Emma Harper, Sandra White, Liam McArthur, Pauline McNeill, Jamie Greene, Kezia Dugdale, Colin Smyth, Tom Arthur, Alex Rowley, Christine Grahame

Motion S5M-04512: Mary Fee, West Scotland, Scottish Labour, Date Lodged: 08/03/2017

That the Parliament recognises that 24 March 2017 is World Tuberculosis (TB) Day; recognises that this year will mark the 135th anniversary of Dr Robert Koch’s groundbreaking discovery of the cause of the condition, TB bacillus, which paved the way for diagnosing it and a cure; understands that 10 million people across the world develop it each year and that it is the leading infectious killer, resulting in an estimated 1.8 million fatalities; acknowledges that the World Health Organization has stated that the UK has the one of the lowest TB mortality rates, but regrets that the British Lung Foundation has highlighted that, in the UK, Scotland has the highest rate for both female mortality and male emergency admissions to hospital.

Supported by: Jackson Carlaw, Richard Leonard, Monica Lennon, Jeremy Balfour, Miles Briggs, Alex Rowley, Donald Cameron, Anas Sarwar, Neil Findlay, Edward Mountain, Colin Smyth, David Torrance, Clare Adamson, Alexander Burnett

My latest question to the Scottish Government:

Question S5W-09590: Mary Fee, West Scotland, Scottish Labour, Date Lodged: 02/06/2017

To ask the Scottish Government, further to the answer to question S5O-01047 by Humza Yousaf on 31 May 2017, whether it plans to change the criteria for new bus pass applications for people over 60.

Answered by Humza Yousaf (15/06/2017):

In the coming weeks the Scottish Government will be consulting on ways in which to ensure the longer term sustainability of the Concessionary Travel Scheme. This follows substantial engagement with stakeholders.

This will be an open and transparent public consultation which will ask the people of Scotland how best to ensure that the bus pass is sustainable in the long term. The Consultation will also seek their views on our proposal to introduce free bus travel for Modern Apprentices.

I do not wish to pre-empt the consultation and will not be drawn on possible outcomes.

Question S5W-09437: Mary Fee, West Scotland, Scottish Labour, Date Lodged: 24/05/2017

To ask the Scottish Government what plans it has to invest in wildlife tunnels and fencing to protect the common toad population.

Answered by Roseanna Cunningham (06/06/2017):

The Scottish Government currently has no plans to invest in wildlife tunnels and fencing specifically to protect the common toad population. However, toads potentially can benefit from such arrangements put in place by Transport Scotland and local authorities for other species such as badgers and otters as part of the development of road projects.

Question S5O-01047: Mary Fee, West Scotland, Scottish Labour, Date Lodged: 24/05/2017

To ask the Scottish Government whether it will maintain free bus passes for over 60s during the current parliamentary session.

Answered by Humza Yousaf (31/05/2017):

This Government funded free bus passes for the ten years it has been in Government. We have stated plans to extend to Modern Apprentices and Young People receiving Job Grants.

Let me make it abundantly clear, if you have a bus pass, you will be keeping your bus pass- no ifs, buts or maybes.


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